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Makeup has helped me achieve some big goals in my life. From a young age I found it endlessly captivating and I constantly bribed my sisters to sit and let me try out new techniques! However, growing up I also suffered a lot with social anxiety, which for a time stopped me from pursuing what I wanted to do in a number of areas. I’ve changed a lot and makeup has helped me in my journey. Today I’m both a counsellor and a makeup artist; I’ve been through my own personal journey to overcome my own obstacles and now I use my skills in makeup to help other men and women look and feel good about themselves.

I get results because I love what I do. Developing men and women’s confidence through makeup and proper skincare, as well as helping other artists further enhance their own skillset is my soul-food. Every woman is special, and helping them tap into what makes them unique and expressing that through makeup is like storytelling, I help others tell theirs. It gives me so much satisfaction when my clients smile at the results, every client inspires me and I believe this is the reason I excel at what I do. Learning self-worth has been an incredible life lesson for me, in truth it’s a continuous process. Having two professions that enable me to help others realise self-love and get excited about how great they are is an incredible blessing.

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