Why airbrush?

I love make up and I’m constantly trying and testing out new products and brands to achieve the best results for my clients. Yet, through all my experiments and endeavours I have yet to find a foundation that surpasses airbrush.


So, what differentiates airbrush from other types? Without any hesitancy I can say that airbrush foundation beats all others for durability and flawless finish. It’s my personal favourite for any special occasion, I know it won’t let me down and that I won’t need to top it up throughout the day, whether I’m wearing it or more importantly a client is.


Hooked on airbrush 


I grew up listening to 90’s RnB music and there where so many female singers with iconic looks, Aaliyah and Jennifer Lopez were a few of my favourite style icons. I can remember watching a behind the scenes documentary on JLo and seeing the makeup artist applying her make up with an airbrush gun, it was really fascinating to watch and the finish was astounding.


At the time I didn’t know how and when I was going to get my hands on one of these amazing kits but I knew that when I became a makeup artist all my clients would be privy to the JLo treatment.


Fast forward a number of years and after doing a lot of research into airbrush I trained with the airbrush brand Airbase. I loved the product so much that I became a trainer and now teach the technique to students in collages and academies all over the UK.


What is airbrush exactly?


I’ve found that the term airbrush often conjures an image of a huge spray gun very similar to those used in spray tanning, just picturing one being directed towards someone’s face makes me chuckle – personally I would run for cover. And my Nan, I love her! asked in earnest how on earth a gun could be used to “put your face on” thinking it was something used to decorate cakes with. Though I’m not entirely sure what my Nan’s been up to in the kitchen, thankfully neither of these two imaginings are a reality.


While the makeup is applied through an airbrush gun it’s nothing like a spray tan gun. It’s much smaller in size and is gentle on the skin, in fact you can hardly feel it.


High Definition 


Airbrush is a true HD or high definition form of makeup. Most cameras these days are high definition, whether film or photo, and expose any subject’s creases, wrinkles and blemishes – oh hoorah!


Using heavy makeup is one way to hide these flaws but it isn’t great, often feeling and looking thick and cakey, even behind a lens.


One of the many amazing benefits airbrush makeup has is that even under the scrutiny of high-resolution tech it still delivers flawless looking skin, blurring the pores and hiding imperfections. The airbrush gun achieves this by atomising the product and making the makeup particles tiny, lightweight and hard to distinguish. I guess you could call me a smooth operator.


Why I love this product?


So many reasons. I tend to find that no matter what foundation I buy it never lasts more than 6 hours even with a primer and setting powder. Airbrush is the only foundation I’ve found that gives me truly long-lasting results.


On holiday I never wear regular foundation because it doesn’t last with the heat but airbrush makeup stays in place. It’s a big part of why airbrush is so popular with brides getting married in the summer and abroad.


I used airbrush makeup for a beautiful bride at a UK wedding this summer, on one of the hottest days of the year. I knew one of the bridesmaids who did her own makeup along with the others using well-known brands to save on costs. These were her comments:


“It was a wonderful day but unbelievably hot and impossible to keep cool. Whilst [the bridesmaids’] foundation (liquid and powder) seemed to have melted off by the end of the ceremony [the bride’s] makeup looked immaculate and stayed that way for the rest of the event, which lasted into the early hours. The wedding photos were beautiful too, crystal clear and the bride looked gorgeous! 


For any special occasion, if you want to take centre stage and be the envy of all that see you I can’t recommend airbrush enough. With an airbrush gun you also can contour and highlight, and easily turn a natural or day look into a night-time or glam look, perfect for turn about the red carpet.


An added plus for me, because airbrush foundation negates the need to top up, is that I can leave the house with the bare essentials – keys, perfume, card and lipstick – freeing up space in my handbag. Handbags are definitely not designed for weightlifting and clutch bags surely lose their je ne sais quoi when bursting at the seams.


Water based or silicone


There are two types of airbrush make available, water based and silicone based and they both have their pros and cons. For example, you can apply the water based airbrush makeup to the eyes whereas you can’t with silicone. Yet silicone is more durable than the water based and pliable too. What this means is that if you need to do any correcting you can do this before the makeup sets, something you can’t with the water based. On the whole however they both give an amazing finish and if you are a makeup artist looking to venture into body art, water based is a great option for a broad spectrum of colours.


Where to go for an airbrush makeover and when to use it


Airbrush Makeup is no longer just something for TV presenters and celebrities but for me and you, and with it so readily available why shouldn’t we experience and enjoy the amazing benefits?


Though it’s not a product you can simply buy in store, you can seek out a qualified makeup artist who specialises in this technique, or learn how to airbrush yourself.


True, it will cost more to have your makeup applied but airbrush is a luxury product and experience that’s worth investing in. Whether for a wedding, photo shoot or simply a treat for a special night out, airbrush foundation will not let you down.


I use it on men and women for bridal, occasion makeup, personal branding. modelling shoots and more, I really can’t fault the product. For a closer look at airbrush please visit my gallery. And if I’ve sparked your interest I’m available to book direct or through my website. I’m here too to answer any questions that you might have on the product or pservice.

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